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exclusive supplier of NTK for the Czech Republic


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About Dušánek sro

The founder of the company, Pavel Dušánek, is originally a trained craftsman who, within his profession, went through the entire production process, worked on CNC milling centers and finally as a technologist. Thanks to his practical experience, in 2010 he was approached by Walter CZ to work for it as a distributor. The company was founded at the end of 2010 and has been certified since the same date. In 2018, it was transformed into the company Dušánek sro At present, the company employs nine people who provide customers with business and technical services.


As a certified distributor, we provide end customers with the same high level of services as Walter CZ. We help them find the best solution with regard to their technological capabilities and required productivity. We can take goods directly from the company's central warehouses and deliver them on the same date as Walter CZ.


In 2019, we established business cooperation with the NTK Cutting tools division of NGK Spark Plugs Co., LTD. In the same year, we became the exclusive supplier of this brand for the Czech Republic.


MM Průmyslové spektrum


Obrábění dílů pro kolejová vozidla

celý článek


MM Průmyslové spektrum


Obrábění dílů pro kolejová vozidla

celý článek


MM Průmyslové spektrum


Standardním nástrojem na nestandardní otvory

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Milling tools
Turning tools
Tools for drilling and reaming
Threading tools

NTK Cutting Tools

Top cutting tools for the production process in the automotive, industrial, aerospace and other industries.

František Kupka 324

518 01 Dobruška

Telephone Number: +420 734 441 309

Dušánek Ltd.


Domašín 83

518 01 Dobruška

Czech Republic

Company ID: 06698361


File number C 40850

Legal entity registered in the Commercial Register kept in the Regional Court in Hradec Králové from 20 December 2017


Personnel and accountant:


Jiří Krawciw

accounting, personnel agenda.

GSM: +420 608 232 603

e-mail: jkrawciw@dusanekcz.cz


our team

Sales officers:


Denisa Černá

office manager

GSM: +420 734 441 309

e-mail: dcerna@dusanekcz.cz


Romana Děkanová


GSM: +420 737 058 219

e-mail: rdekanova@dusanekcz.cz

Sales representatives:


Pavel Pultar

representative, application technician

GSM: +420 605 140 659

e-mail: ppultar@dusanekcz.cz


Ivo Bednář

representative, application technician

GSM: +420 737 037 090

e-mail: ibednar@dusanekcz.cz


Jiří Holakovský


GSM: +420 728 061 144

e-mail: jholakovsky@dusanekcz.cz





Pavel Dušánek

GSM: +420 605 111 572

e-mail: pdusanek@dusanekcz.cz