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Eppinger was founded in 1925 by Mr. Gottlieb Eppinger. The company worked on the development and production of special tool holders for cam lathes.

In the third generation, the company has been run by the nephew of the company's founder Uwe Eppinger since 1994.

Eppinger has gained market leadership by focusing on innovative and high-precision tool systems for CNC turning centers. Cost-effective, innovative engineering, comprehensive application know-how and a highly developed quality standard rank the company as a sought-after and competent partner for turning center manufacturers.

Eppinger's tool products include fixed and swivel tool holders as well as complete tool systems. The ESA and PRECI-FLEX® trademarks have aroused great interest among tool experts thanks to their creative design innovations and set a new standard in many manufacturing applications.

To ensure continuous high quality output, the company uses the most demanding production methods combined with the latest technology in quality management from computer-aided design (CAD) and computer-aided manufacturing (CAM) to computer-aided quality control (CAQ).
The biggest benefits for our customers are the highest possible accuracy, production efficiency and the resulting increase in productivity of our production systems.

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